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Carmen Chang

The venture capitalist forging tech deals across cultures.

Partner, New Enterprise Associates

The Washington Post has dubbed her a “China whisperer.” A quiet force behind numerous China deals in Silicon Valley, Chang, a Nanjing native and Stanford Law grad, translates business across cultures. As a partner at a venture capital firm, she’s helped U.S. tech firms land high-profile partnerships with Chinese companies including Google’s stake in Chinese search giant Baidu, smoothed Goldman Sachs’s entrance into China, and, more recently, recruited the lawyer who worked on Uber’s China operations (now acquired by competitor Didi Chuxing). Increasingly, the investment flow has reversed, with Chinese venture capital getting a foothold in Silicon Valley. As ever, distrust is bad for business. Chinese investors into the United States often worry that as outsiders, they’re getting the worse end of the deal, while U.S. companies sometimes perceive the Chinese as too combative. Chang helps the twain to meet in the middle.

(Photo credit: Nick Otto for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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