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Gu Da Bai HUa

The netizen making American pop culture accessible in China.

Weibo Sensation

Americans are slowly but surely getting hungrier for news and information about China. But Chinese people have been ravenous for decades for any scuttlebutt about American life. That requires looking beyond the mainstream, state-managed headlines. Enter Gu Da Bai Hua — a massively popular, pseudonymous account on the social media platform Weibo. Gu Da translates popular media ranging from tabloid headlines to bits from The Daily Show to the latest White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in each case using simple language and Chinese slang to make sometimes-inscrutable American culture more accessible to a Chinese audience. Introduced in 2011, the account has been tweeting robustly, and accumulating engaged fans, ever since.

(Photo credit: Photo via Weibo)

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